"You were direct, yet diplomatic, in sharing not only the positives of our business but also some of the messages that were more difficult for us to hear. The work plan you helped us develop has led to some wonderful results over the last 12 months and we’re appreciative of your role in helping us achieve those successes."

— Lisa Maksym

We’ve all had our own experiences with consultants that simply didn’t listen, came in with their own agenda or did more harm than good, but Good Work Studios has proven their ability to work with companies by listening well, thinking deeply, and working within the existing structure to implement the changes determined most useful. No egos, no standard operating procedure, just good work.

The consulting practice of Good Work Studios helps organizations become more successful by concentrating on a handful of key areas:

Process Engineering and Operations
We’ve seen it time and time again… smart people, with great business objectives working against their own best interests because of out-of-sync processes, outdated requirements, and ineffective communication. In business today, efficiency is critically important, and when systems are properly aligned, client satisfaction and profitability—as well as employee satisfaction and trust—increase.

Most organizations are too close to the problem, or too busy to allocate the appropriate time and resources, or simply unsure how to properly evaluate, plan and implement much-needed improvements.
Agency Operations
GWS principals have a long history in the marketing agency world. We leverage that experience to help agencies improve their operations across all functions.

We also have extensive experience with the Advantage Agency Management software suite—helping agencies to customize it to their specific operations and helping them to use new functionality or modules.

GWS has extensive experience in helping agencies develop, or reengineer, an effective traffic process—a key function that most agencies struggle with.
“People are our greatest asset.” “Employees come first.” “Our staff is like family.”

If you’ve heard these phrases but not genuinely felt that the company saying them believed them, then you know how frustrating it is for someone to treat an important issue with lip-service instead of actually doing the hard work to make it a reality.

If you’ve ever worked for, operated or owned a company that really lived it out, then you know how exciting it is to see how truly valuing employees can be.

We are passionate about helping organizations build strong employee-focused cultures. Building a strong employee-focused culture will translate into higher levels of satisfaction and retention within your organization.

We’ll help you develop the tools to building and maintaining a strong employee-focused culture:
1. Core Values
2. Employee Satisfaction Measurement
3. Communication
4. Demonstrated Leadership

Our approach to these issues comes from years of experience not only helping other organizations but actually doing it as leaders in our own organization.

GWS partner Jim Alcott served as the CEO of 50-person marketing agency Alcott Routon. While developing many of the best practices we advocate today, Alcott Routon maintained annual employee retention of 88-90% even during the three years following its purchase by a very large acquirer.

Community Impact
We can help you develop and implement a strategy to make a positive contribution to your community and to engage your employees in the process.

An effective program balances the need for focus with freedom for employees to support causes they are passionate about.

Business Intelligence
Chances are good there is a lot of data in your office. But chances are also good that a lot of it may be doing nothing more than running amuck.

Do you know what measurements make sense for your business? Do you know what goals are appropriate? Do you know how to find the data to show how you are doing and how you are trending?

We provide decision-makers with relevant and actionable information to run their businesses. We help you decide which reports, key metrics and dashboard measures will help make your organization successful.